Optimate represents the state of the art in the ready-mix concrete market. Optimate is a comprehensive solution encompassing all the critical phases and activities of the RMC delivery process.
Optimate guides concrete producers in the step by step optimization of the processes, reducing costs and significantly enhancing both product and process quality.


  • Assisted RMC order receipt and delivery management
  • Plant and vehicle fleet automation
  • Integrated document (e.g. orders, transport documents, invoices) management and dematerialization
  • Web-based architecture allowing easy and ubiquitous access to the system


  • Significant reduction of production and delivery costs per cubic metre
  • Algorithmically supported vehicle usage optimization
  • Seamless integration of business processes and batching plant automation
  • Transformation of RMC players from product to service oriented companies
  • Customer centric approach obtained by progressively transforming operators into customer consultants


The Optimate team, originated by Elettrondata and Ateikon historical partnership, acts as meeting point for skills and knowledge in plant automation and information technology, conceiving and developing turnkey products for concrete market players. Today the Optimate team is proud to present its complete management product.
This extremely advanced system is the final outcome of many years of on-field experience. Optimate team fused its best skills, expertises and knowledge of the concrete market. This approach has produced a comprehensive solution spanning the whole process of RMC production and delivery.


Since its foundation in 1998 Ateikon has strived itself to instill in its solutions the professional skills as well as the passion for technology.

Ateikon is known and appreciated for the fast pace in designing advanced solutions in several fields and markets, always based on the most promising technological options.

This philosophy has produced successful solutions in different business fields.


Elettrondata S.r.l. has been founded in 1973 and operates in the field of automation of batching and mixing plants.

Elettrondata has constantly evolved in time, realizing innovative solutions which are able to control every step of the concrete production and dispatching processes.

It's a matter of fact that Elettrondata is universally known as one of the few leaders in the field of mixing plant automation.