Optimate represents the state of the art in the ready-mix concrete market.
Optimate is a comprehensive solution encompassing all the critical phases and activities of the RMC delivery process. Optimate guides hand by hand concrete producers in the optimization of the processes, reducing costs and significantly enhancing both product and process quality.
Advantages are drammatically evident when dealing with a large amount of small orders, a situation that, if handled manually, may prove difficult even for experienced batching plant operators. With the suitable technological infrastructure and ad-hoc personnel training batching plants can operate unattended.
Access and security policies allow the definition of specific user profiles thus grouping software features into subsets suitable for different professional roles.

Key Benefits

  • Increased efficiency derived from reduction of loading, transport and unloading time
  • Reducing the costs of transport and management
  • Demonstrable costs reduction and increased of effeciency for external fleet supplier companies
  • Transformation of RMC players from product to service oriented companies
  • Optimate, by automating all critical and error prone tasks, empowers operators (aka dispatchers) helping them to better focus on customer needs.
  • If required, operators can choose to perform trip planning both automatically or manually on a per-order basis. Such flexibility allows new users to gain progressively confidence with the optimizer's behaviour.
  • Seamless integration of business processes and batching plant automation.
  • Specific architecture suitable for integration with customer's ERP and CRM systems to synchronize essential information.
  • Easy to use truck availability calendar management.

Key Features

  • Order collection with detailed operator guidance (and with optional IP PBX tight integration).
  • Complete Batching Plant production control.
  • Recipes/mix design management and optimization
  • Raw materials minimal stock control and reordering
  • Vehicle characterization functions. A specific editor allows the definition of vehicle profiles and properties.
  • Algorithmically supported vehicle usage optimization
  • Smart use of historical data to feed the self-learning vehicle planner
  • Virtually limitless possibility to introduce business logic to achieve trip optimization
  • Fast response order modification, deletion and adjustment
  • Fleet tracking on a map of the territory
  • Visualization of batching plants, building sites, truck status along with an extensive set of related information on the map.
  • Built-in messaging functions between operating centres and truck drivers.
  • Shipping documents management.
  • Agents and sales personnel can examine and validate shipping documents of goods and services before their submission to the accounting system.
  • Optimate has been carefully designed to offer a comfortable user experience.
  • It is built upon a robust and scalable web-based architecture and can be easily accessed with a simple web browser. No client installation is required.